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The Importance of Diabetic Shoes for Preventing Damages to Your Feet

Diabetic Shoes and information

Diabetic Shoes and informationGetting a serious medical condition can be quite a shock not only for you but also for your closest people. Diabetes is a condition that has been changing the lives of millions around the world for many years. It is a chronic disease which requires constant intake of pills or injections depending on its severity. It’s important in order for the person to survive and keep on living. However, even when the therapy is right for you, the more years that pass the higher the chances of getting complications are. There are different diabetes related complications such as ulcers on the feet, neuropathy which mainly affects the lower extremities, damages to the eye nerve and worsening of the sight, kidney damages, and so on. Due to the fact that the small vessels in the body are the most effected ones by the disease, diabetes is also referred to as the disease of the small blood vessels. If you want to take proper care of your feet and use diabetic shoes for men or women then here is some important information that can be quite useful for accomplishing this goal.

Feet are the body parts that take up a lot of pressure and the whole body weight when we are standing up, walking, running, and so on. Therefore, it is normal to consider that when diabetes is present in the body, feet will be among the most affected areas. The nerve endings are affected negatively together with the small blood vessels and this causes lack of sensibility in the feet, as well as increased risk of infections, ulcers, wounds, and even amputation of toes and feet. Because of this, specialists have recommended wearing diabetic shoes for men and women in order to prevent all of these complications together with other useful tips for feet care. 

Diabetic shoes can be purchased quite easily. Due to the large number of people who actually need them and wear them on a daily basis, there are many manufacturers who are producing large amounts of diabetic shoes. You can either purchase a pair from the Internet or visit a specialized local store and check the available pairs there. It is important to carefully measure the pairs before paying for them and wearing them, because if they are not a perfect fit for your feet, then their preventative function will be impossible to be performed.

Diabetic shoes also come in various prices. Of course, many people say that health is the only thing that is worth spending a lot of money on, but if you are having a very tight budget and cannot afford to spend so much money on your health because you have a lot of other obligations such as bringing up children and so on, you can still find great diabetic shoes for the budget that you have. If your condition is very severe then there are different healthcare programs that you can apply for and have a chance of getting diabetic shoes for free. This depends on the country and its government where you live. Some countries provide a complete covering of the costs, whereas others cover only a certain percentage of the costs.

Diabetic shoes are specifically designed for people with this condition. They are deeper, as well as wider, compared to regular shoes of the same size. The reason for this is that blood stream is already hindered in the feet of a diabetic person. Having shoes that are applying additional pressure at the ankles is more damaging than helping. Diabetic shoes come at the right size and you can easily find the suitable size for your feet. Keep in mind that the size will probably differ from the one that you used to wear before with your regular shoes.

Diabetic shoes for men and women are also designed to surround the feet perfectly with the right amount of pressure in order to provide full stability. The joint can be easily damaged when walking is incorrect due to wearing the wrong shoes. Diabetic shoes provide stability which decreases the amount of shock feet experience when walking. That allows all of the body pressure to be placed on the joint and not transmitted to the rest of the feet.

In addition to all of these features, diabetic shoes are also quite lightweight. Which ensures that there will be no fatigue even if you need to walk for hours. However, you need to be careful because you may hurt your feet with too long walking sessions even if you wear diabetic shoes. And the reason for this is that the muscle tissue needs some rest when the arterial flow is decreased, which is the case with diabetes.

Diabetic shoes worn together with diabetic socks ensure that your feet will be protected from any irritations, infections and damages to the skin. The skin is quite easily damaged and many people receive ulcers, as well as other wounds. They are often not noticed immediately mainly because of the diabetic neuropathy. This can be quite dangerous, because when there is no proper care of the wounds immediately, bacteria affects it and infection starts damaging the surrounding area. The immune system is not working correctly and cannot provide a quick response. Because of this, it is possible to lose a toe or a foot if you rarely check your feet for any damages.

There are also other things that you are recommended to do in order to keep your feet healthy and prevent any diabetic complications such as washing them with warm water every day, patting them when drying instead of rubbing, every day checking for skin damages, using an antibacterial powder to prevent infections, and so on. It is difficult in the beginning but as time passes you will be able to turn it into a habit and follow it without thinking every day. This will ensure that amputation will never be a complication for your condition.

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