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Prevent the Most Common Complications of Diabetes

diabetic boots to prevent Complications of Diabetes

diabetic boots to prevent Complications of DiabetesDiabetes is considered as being one of the worst diseases today and the main reason for this is that it slowly damages many structures in the body even when the treatment is strictly followed. Of course, if you are following your treatment correctly every day then you will slow down completely the damaging effects of the high glucose levels in the blood but it will never be reduced permanently as to when diabetes was not diagnosed and present in the body. However, following your diet and applying the treatment to your body is the best way to prevent complications, as well as speeding up the progress of the disease. In addition to these things, which are essential for every diabetic person and which are absolutely obligatory for the well-being of each patient with diabetes, there are also other things that you can do in order to prevent some of the most common complications of diabetes over the years.

One of the parts of the body which are highly affected by the high blood levels of glucose is the foot. Feet take the whole weight of the body both during running and walking. Due to the help of the joint the pressure is reduced, but with the diabetic people the tissues are already damaged and this pressure causes a lot of other problems. The reduced density of the bones due to the worsened nutrition will make them more prone to breakage which is why diabetic people are prone to getting broken legs and other bones in the body. The pressure cannot be fully taken by the ankle and because of this the rest of the feet are being affected by it and this reduces even more the blood flow to the tissues due to the damaged cells covering the inner walls of the blood vessels. Tissues that are chronically receiving lower oxygen levels and nutrition substances are prone to being easily damaged and infected by various bacteria. The damaged nerves in the feet also lead to a decreased sensation which sometimes can be completely lost, which is why any wounds or damages to the skin will not be felt by you and if you do not check your legs every day, you may risk amputation. In order to prevent all of these complications associated with your feet, you are highly recommended to wear diabetic socks and diabetic boots. Diabetic boots provide the stability your feet need in order to reduce the pressure of the body weight. The reduced shock within the diabetic boots when walking or running makes it impossible to have damages to the skin even if it is very gentle and prone to breakage. Diabetic boots also protect the legs from sweating and if you combine them with diabetic socks and antibacterial powder, you ensure that infections will stay away from your feet and no necrosis will follow.

Another very important thing you should do is to get yourself knowledgeable with everything about diabetes. If you know perfectly your enemy then you will have a lot of power over it and fighting against the diabetes will not seem as an impossible thing. You can manage to live a normal life for many years ahead if you are fully aware of what diabetes does to your body and how to prevent all of its effects. If you understand how important the right treatment for diabetes is and how important it is to never miss an insulin injection or eat something that your diet does not allow you to, then you will have high chances of avoiding not only some but all of the diabetic complications.

Your doctor has probably already consulted you, but in case you are not aware, you need to keep your blood pressure, as well as cholesterol in the normal ranges for your sex and age. This is very important because the blood vessels are already being damaged by the glucose in your blood, but when there is high blood pressure and cholesterol damaging your blood vessels even more, then you will quickly start experiencing the complications of diabetes and fully damaged vessels. Getting ulcers in your legs, getting often infections and wounds that will not grow are only some examples of damaged blood vessels and bad tissue nutrition.

Keeping your eyes working perfectly is possible if you follow all of the treatment requirements but also have regular eye examinations. The retina is mainly affected due to the many small blood vessels in it and how depending each cell is on the oxygen and the nutrition. Damaged blood vessels in the retina reduce the sight of the patient and if you experience any eye problems you need to immediately contact your doctor. Regular checkups are obligatory and you should never allow yourself to not have visited an ophthalmologist for more than several months.

When you are brushing and washing your teeth and gums you need to be very careful not to damage the tissues and open wounds. Every wound is an open door to infections and there are a lot of bacteria in the mouth. Diabetic people have wounds that are very difficult to close which is why you will have a lot of problems with your teeth if you are not careful and brush your teeth roughly. Regular brushing is also necessary in order to reduce the chances of getting infections due to the increased number of bacteria in the mouth.

These are very important tips to follow when it comes to avoiding the common complications of diabetes. The quicker you purchase diabetic boots the faster you will be able to keep your toes and feet protected from complications. This is the most common body part that is associated with complications and proper feet care is essential from the very beginning. Diabetic boots can be easily purchased from local stores and online stores for each patient in many different sizes and styles. Your feet need the best care and it is provided by the diabetic boots.