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Proper Feet Care Tips for Diabetic People

Feet care for diabetic people

Feet care for diabetic peopleIf you have been diagnosed with diabetes then you are about to experience a lot of stress. Of course until you get adjusted to the changes that your life needs in order to keep yourself as healthy as possible. Depending on how well your pancreas is functioning you may only need pills once or more times per day, or need insulin injections. The latter is the worse option and it means that your pancreas produces very little or no insulin which is why you need to take it from an outside source. If your glucose levels are among a certain norm, then there are a lot of damages happening to the cells on the vessel walls, as well as the organs. Damaged vessels cannot perform their basic function – delivering blood that is rich in oxygen and useful substances to the tissues and eliminating blood that is low in oxygen and full of disposable substances no longer needed by the cells. When vessels cannot perform this function the surrounding tissues are prone to damages and infections. Taking proper care of your feet is very important because of these reasons. Constant damages to the feet are known to cause necrosis and a lot of diabetic people are getting their toes or even their whole feet amputated because of it. If you want to avoid this unpleasant but necessary decision at such a point then you need to follow several important tips for keeping feet healthy as much as possible and protecting them from the damaging factors.

One of the tips that can be considered to be quite obvious but still overlooked by a lot of diabetic people is the proper hygiene of the feet. You need to wash each foot every day very gently. You need to use mild soap as well as warm water which you need to check with your hand before you use it on your feet. The reason for this is that your feet will not be able to properly sense how hot the water is due to the damaged nerves and therefore you can easily burn your feet if you do not check it beforehand with your fingers. You need to be very gentle when using the soap and when you are ready you need to dry each foot by patting them. Rubbing can be quite damaging to the skin and can even cause the breakdown of it. Of course, it all depends on how damaged the tissues are, as well as how long you have had diabetes and how well controlled the glucose levels are, and so on.

When you are about to go to bed at night it is recommended that you do a thorough inspection of your feet for any damages. Make sure that you have checked each part of your foot – the top of it, the sides, the soles, the heels, as well as between the foot toes. You need to check for any damages such as scratches, lacerations, blisters, corns, and so on. You need to do this every day and in case you find a damaged area you need to immediately take proper care because otherwise you risk infection and a lot more damage to your foot. If you find it difficult to reach your feet and take a good look at them, then it is highly recommended to ask somebody else to do this for you. This is a very important tip for foot care if you have diabetes.

Once you are done with the inspection, you need to apply powder with anti-fungal purposes. This prevents infections. If you have a very dry skin that also has cracks, then you need to use a lotion or oil each time when you are washing your feet. You need to do this to all areas except the ones where you have sores.

Diabetic socks are very well-known for helping the proper circulation of the legs. They keep the legs tight and therefore help the blood movement in the vessels. Many of them also have antibacterial functions which make them one of the most important pieces of clothing for you if you have diabetes.

Diabetic socks need to be combined with diabetic shoes. You can easily find diabetic shoes for women and for men in any specialized local store or online shop. The diabetic shoes for women and for men are carefully designed to perfectly fit the feet and ensure motion control and stability. Diabetic shoes for women and men can also be chosen in different styles and sizes which are very important for the proper care of the feet and their daily usage. If you are going to buy diabetic shoes for women or men then it is highly recommended that you check how well they fit your feet before buying them, because if they are too large or too small you will be doing more damage to your feet than helping them.

Proper care of the toenails is also extremely important. You need to cut them straight across and short in order to prevent them from ingrowing. Ingrown toenails happen more often to diabetic people because of their damaged tissues. They are known for causing a lot of infections. Due to the decreased sensibility in the feet people who are not regularly checking their feet will not even know that there is a problem until it is too late.

Regular exercising is also very important for the proper blood circulation. And not only in the feet, but also in the whole body. It is recommended that you do this, wearing diabetic shoes  in order to avoid any damages to the skin, and the other tissues in your feet.

Taking proper care of your feet immediately after you have been diagnosed with diabetes ensures that you will have many years of good health and lack of problems with your feet in the future. The more care you take of them the less risk you have of losing a toe or a foot.

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