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What Your Feet Need When You Have Diabetes

diabetic shoes for women and what your feet need

diabetic shoes for women and what your feet needYou have probably heard a lot of people who have diabetes complaining about their feet. The reason for this is the simple fact that diabetes has a lot of complications and many of them are affecting the feet. When glucose levels are not properly managed which can be caused by a lot of reasons you can be certain that the thing which suffers the most is the wall of your blood vessels. The blood vessels are covered by cells which can be quite vulnerable to the changes of the substances in your blood. Blood vessels cannot be properly regulated by your nervous system due to these changes and different tissues in your body are suffering the effects. The effects are decreased oxygen and nutrition to the tissues, increased amount of unnecessary substances in the tissues caused by the impossibility of the blood flow through the veins. This makes the cells more vulnerable to any kind of damages. Even the slightest rubbing against the skin of your feet could be a good enough reason for the formation of a blister, which is an open door to all of the bacteria surrounding the area. In this article we will explain what your feet need if you have diabetes and how to take care of them properly.

If you are one of the diabetic people and have been recently diagnosed then you need to make certain that the doctor treating you is a good enough specialist and that your treatment is the right one for you. The right treatment will be good enough to keep your glucose levels in the normal ranges at all time. If your glucose is getting too high or too low throughout the day without any particular reason such as not following your proper diet, then you need another treatment because this one is not effective enough for you. In addition to getting and following the right treatment, you need to do several other things which your feet need every day.

One of the most important measures is the proper hygiene. Proper hygiene simply means that you need to wash your feet every morning and every night. When you are washing your feet you need to make certain that the water has a normal temperature because if it is too hot or too cold you are risking getting a lot more damage to your feet. The sympathetic nervous system can cause the blood vessels to contract even more due to the temperature and this can cause additional damage to the tissues. It may also result in necrosis which is very serious and should be avoided. When you are washing your feet you should also do that without putting too much pressure on your feet. A lot of pressure can be damaging to the skin even when you are completely healthy. You need to be very gentle taking care of your feet when you are washing them every morning and night. Properly patting them afterwards with a towel which should also be gently is also highly recommended. You should not let them be wet for long time because this attracts more bacteria and feet already have too much of it.

Once you have washed your feet, it is time to take a look at every part of your feet. You need to check each toe on each foot and between your toes as well. You must be looking for skin damages such as blisters or sores, which should be taken care of if you notice any of them. Diabetic people have a difficulty recovering even from the smallest wound which is why the sooner you notice your wounds on your feet, the faster you will be able to recover from them. Using different antibacterial creams on your feet is also very important for protecting yourself from infections that could lead to very serious complications afterwards.

Applying different creams to your feet that will keep them moisture and not dry is also recommended, because if your skin is too dry it becomes also easily breakable and you will be making it even easier for bacteria to infect you. In addition to this, you should also make certain that your toenails are properly trimmed every day. Ingrown nails can cause a lot of serious complications due to the damages to the surrounding skin. Getting infections around your nails simply means that you will have a lot of difficulties curing yourself from these infections. Mycosis on the feet are difficult to cure even when people are perfectly healthy, which is why you as a diabetic person will find it even more difficult than others.

In addition to all of these measures, you are highly recommended to wear diabetic socks. You can buy the best diabetic socks online in a very short period of time because most of the products offered on the online stores are of high quality. You can easily find the best online diabetic socks by checking the reviews from other customers or simply asking your doctor for advice when it comes to diabetic socks and shoes. The faster you get yourself diabetic socks for every day, the better it will be for you to avoid any of the complications of diabetes on your feet and your body as a whole. You can easily purchase the best online diabetic socks from any store for specialized shoes and socks and get them delivered quickly to your home. You may even try to get them for free if your country has any programs for diabetic people involving equipment such as diabetic socks and shoes.

You should find time each day to take these measures and have a pair of diabetic socks that you can wear. This will help you protect your feet and keep yourself healthy from any infections that your feet can bring when there are wounds. Amputation is one of the worst complications of diabetes to your feet and you can avoid it for a very long time by following these tips and wearing the best possible diabetic socks together with diabetic shoes every single day.

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