What Are Diabetic Shoes?

Diabetic shoes are also known as “sugar shoes”. They are specially made to reduce the risk of skin breakdown in diabetics with pre-existing foot disease. Diabetics are prone to a side effect called “peripheral neuropathy”, which causes weakness, numbness usually in hands and feet.

To reduce the risk of more dangerous complications, specifically to the feet, diabetic shoes are the answer. Diabetic shoes are specially designed to prevent further complications which include strains, ulcers, calluses or even amputations for diabetic patients and poor circulation.

The shoes must be equipped with a removable orthosis, which are shoe inserts, arch supports, and fillers such as lifts, wedges, and heels. It works together as a preventive system to help diabetics avoid foot injuries and improve mobility.

Generally, diabetic shoes are essential to protect the health of a diabetic. With the occurring threats that are present for a diabetic patient, the need for prevention to certain complications such as foot problems must be addressed. And thankfully, Diabetic Shoe Solutions is willing to provide you the best service regarding your diabetic shoe concerns.

What Are the Benefits of Diabetic Shoes?

Unlike normal shoes, diabetic shoes are structurally designed to prevent and decrease the risks of strains, ulcers, calluses and even amputations.

Diabetic shoes provide great pain relief due to their manufacturing materials. Diabetic shoes give their owner better stability and mobility, wearing them assures that diabetic patients are offered the highest of comfort.

Diabetic shoes are wider and deeper to allow air circulation in the feet. You want to prevent perspiration, as it may lead to serious infections. But with diabetic shoes that are specially designed to withstand these threats, you will never worry about all this. Diabetic shoes are also designed to provide the best support and space without restricting sufficient blood circulation in feet.

These are only some of the countless advantages you can experience by just wearing a diabetic shoe.

Are Diabetic Shoes Ugly? NO!

Diabetic shoes are often overlooked because of their unattractive appearance. The reason why some of the diabetic patients ignore the existence of these specialized shoes is just because of its “un-classy” appearance.

Even an old survey showed that more than half of diabetic patients do not want to wear diabetic shoes, even with its promising advantages.

However, the ugliness of diabetic shoes is an archaic issue. With the innovative ideas of various diabetic shoe retailers, the endless chaos regarding their old-fashioned reputation is now sealed. With the emerging fashion trends around the world, “ugly” is not an appropriate word to describe diabetic shoes anymore.

In this point in time, more designs are sprouting in the market, and those “plain diabetic shoes” days are over. From varying colors, assorted exterior designs, and materials, to different styles, the new designs of diabetic shoes are making a noise in the market. Without altering the effectiveness of diabetic shoes, the customizations of this specialized footwear are widely admired in the market.

So you may be wondering where to get the best quality and most efficient diabetic shoes, right? If you want the most prominent diabetic shoe retailers in the market, then Diabetic Shoe Solutions should be number one on your list.

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