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Diabetic Socks and Boots for Preventing Diabetic Complications on Your Feet

Diabetic Socks and Boots

Diabetic Socks and BootsIf you have been diagnosed with diabetes recently or have been having this diagnosis for many years already, then you probably already have acquainted yourself with all of the diabetes related facts that may help you keep yourself healthy and prevent the complications. There are many complications that are caused by the diabetes. The high blood glucose levels are known to damage the cells of the blood vessels, which is why these vessels cannot be properly controlled by the hormones and other substances, which is why some areas can easily be left without enough oxygen and nutrition. You may be wondering how it is possible for such simple things as diabetic socks and boots to provide the care your feet need in order to avoid skin damages and poor circulation. Read more bellow for more info and awareness.

The retina is a great example of a tissue that has a lot of small blood vessels and which is easily damaged due to the glucose levels, resulting in worsening of the sight of the person. Some people who have had diabetes for many years without properly taking care of their treatment may even lose their sight due to the damages that occur in the retina. Another great example of tissues that are affected is the tissues in the feet. The feet take the pressure of the whole body when you are standing up, walking or running, which is why the blood flow may not be enough to bring all of the necessary substances to the tissues due to the poor circulation, resulting in damaged cells and necrosis. Sometimes infection occurs as well together with the blisters and sores of the feet, which may result with the loss of a toe or the whole foot. The feet also lose their sensitivity due to the nerve damages, which is called diabetic neuropathy. This makes it impossible for you to determine whether or not you have wounds on your legs, because you cannot feel it.

Proper feet care is absolutely necessary in order to avoid these complications and amputation. There are several different methods used for protecting the feet and improving the state of the tissues. Wearing diabetic socks for men and women, as well as diabetic boots are two things that are highly recommended not only by doctors and researchers, but also by others with the condition who have had previous experience with wearing normal standard socks and shoes compared to diabetic socks and shoes.

Better understanding of how the socks and boots are made and how they function will explain how useful they are to your feet and your general health. First of all, the diabetic socks for men and women are manufactured with materials that are wrinkle-proved and seamless. There are several reasons why the manufacturers have chosen these two characteristics for the diabetic socks for men and women. One of the reasons for being wrinkle-proved is the fact that the wrinkles which normally form with standard socks apply additional pressure on the feet when you are wearing shoes. Each wrinkle is pressing the skin and the tissues underneath in an already closed area, which is why you are worsening the circulation if you are wearing socks with wrinkles. The same is true for the seams of the socks. They are applying pressure on these areas together with constant rubbing against the skin. The skin is already quite damageable which is why the rubbing of the seams can cause the development of sores, blisters, and other wounds on your feet. Wrinkles of your socks can do the same as the seams. In addition to this, the diabetic socks for men and women also have no bindings on their top, which is why your leg is not pressured in any kind of way. There are no elastics on the top of the socks and the circulation is not made poorer which is the case when wearing standard socks with bindings.

Diabetic socks for men and women also help reduce the moisture which is formed when wearing shoes for a long time. After all, you have your job and you need to be there for hours wearing your shoes and socks. Diabetic socks ensure that even if your feet are sweating the moisture is being reduced and not kept to the skin. By doing so, the diabetic socks are eliminating the moisture environment that bacteria love, resulting in a significant decrease of the chance of getting infections. Even if you are washing your feet several times a day, bacteria is still present and if the rest of the factors are creating a good environment for the development of the bacteria then you can be certain that infection will be what follows. This is specifically true if you have wounds on your feet caused by wearing standard shoes and socks. One of the great problems of diabetic people is that wounds take a significant amount of time to heal, which is why it is quite likely to get an infection every time there is an open wound. Keep that in mind and always check your feet for any skin damages which you need to take proper care of if you notice any.

There is no doubt that styles and outlook are also important. If you want to keep your good outfits and are worried that diabetic socks and boots are something that will hinder you from keeping them, then your worries are without any reasons. You can rely that diabetic socks and boots can be found in all types of styles and colors in order to fit your preferences and the rest of the clothes that you wear on your daily job and other activities. It is easy to find diabetic socks for men and women in different styles to fit your needs and trends.

Diabetic socks can really help prevent the common complications of your feet together with the help of the diabetic boots, which are perfect for all kinds of occasions.

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