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Top 10 Tips for Managing Diabetes


Being diagnosed with diabetes is life-changing. It can be difficult for some people to navigate through all of the changes the diagnosis may mean without getting overwhelmed or feeling isolated. To help, we’ve compiled 10 of the top tips for managing diabetes. Making just a few simple changes can help people gain control over their health and make the best out of their diagnosis.

See the doctor regularly

For diabetics, finding a doctor to help manage their diabetes is essential. When choosing a doctor, it is critical to ensure they are trained in managing diabetes and any potential complications. It is also vital that diabetics develop a report with their doctor, as trust is an essential component to receiving quality, holistic care. Experts recommend that diabetic patients see their doctor at least every four to six months for regular checkups, as well as making an appointment if anything changes with their physical health.

Take medication as directed

If the patient’s diabetic doctor has prescribed a medication to help manage their diabetes, it is important to always take that medication as directed. This will be noted on each medication’s label and can be confirmed by speaking to the pharmacist when picking up the medication. This means not only taking each medication every day but also means taking the medication at the right time every day. For diabetics who have prescribed insulin, make sure to rotate injection sites to minimize the risk of lumps and bruising.

Be aware of the body

Diabetes, especially poorly managed diabetes, can affect almost every system of the body. It is especially important for diabetic patients to be aware of their body, and take any changes seriously. Precisely, they should monitor their entire body for changes (in eyesight, sores that won’t heal, new aches and pains, swelling, and rapid weight gain or loss, specifically). Diabetics should take any concerns or changes immediately to their managing physician.

Eat healthily

Choosing and sticking with a healthy eating plan catered to diabetics is another key to help manage diabetes. Controlling blood sugars can be more natural with a low carbohydrate diet, but that can also be much easier said than done. Diabetics should focus on eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and divide their food into three meals a day to help the body with natural insulin production. It is important to avoid saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, and excessive sodium. Diabetic educators can be very helpful at putting together a healthy eating plan, especially if completing overhauling a diet seems overwhelming.

Consider losing weight

Although being overweight or obese isn’t the only cause of diabetes, it can be a contributing factor in elevated blood sugar. Studies have shown that diabetics who lose even a small amount of weight, sometimes only just ten pounds, have noticed significant positive changes in their blood sugar management. Start by making small changes, like being more active (wearing proper footwear, of course).

Stay active

Physical activity is essential for everyone, but especially for diabetics. Staying active can help the body be more sensitive to insulin, and lowers the risk of nerve damage and heart disease (which occur more often in diabetic people). An excellent goal to set is to try to get in about two and a half hours of moderate physical activity a week. Examples of this type of activity include swimming, dancing, brisk walking, or bicycling. It is imperative for diabetic patients to remember to wear cotton socks and well-fitting athletic shoes (discussed below) to reduce potential issues with the feet.

Wear proper shoes

Due to the risk of severe complications with the feet in diabetic patients, wearing proper shoes can significantly reduce the risk of issues. Simple problems with the feet, like blisters, calluses, or corns, can very quickly turn into systemic infections and nerve damage. Diabetics should start by visiting a shoe store with a knowledgeable staff that can measure their feet to make sure that shoes aren’t either too big or too small. Look for shoes that do not have a pointed tip, and try to avoid sandals, high heels, or other open-toed shoes that may put too much pressure on their feet. There are also shoes specifically designed for people with diabetes and, in some cases, they may be covered by insurance. Diabetics can call their insurance company directly to request more information.

Check blood sugar

This often goes without saying, but checking blood sugars is possibly the most important thing diabetics can do to manage their diabetes. Patients, especially those who have been diabetic for years, have a tendency not to appreciate just how much blood sugars can tell them about the management of their disease process. Blood sugars should be collected at least before you eat and one to two hours after a meal. Many machines and test strips are covered by insurance, so diabetic patients should check their coverage. Diabetics should discuss any concerns with their diabetic educator or primary care physician, and newly diagnosed patients should see them learn how to properly test their blood sugars before attempting it on their own.

Manage stress

In addition to stress negatively impacting mental health, it can also affect physical health. Excessive stress levels can also potentially increase blood glucose levels, which increases how much insulin patients will need to manage their diabetes. Managing stress can be a big task, but breaking it down into manageable bites can help. Diabetics should attempt to get to bed around the same time every night and consider learning how to meditate. Deep breathing, even for a few minutes a day, can help reduce heart rate. There are many helpful apps that can help diabetics learn these skills. Even just taking a walk when they are feeling stressed can help, and also increase their physical activity level (as long as they are wearing appropriate shoes).

Join a community

It can sometimes feel isolating and lonely to have diabetes. The people who have been the most successful at managing their diabetes often state how vital and supportive it is to join a community of other people living with diabetes. Making connections with others who can truly understand what it is like to live with diabetes on a daily basis can reduce stress, help patients to make healthy choices, and just give them an ear or a shoulder when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Many primary care physicians and diabetic educators have information on how to find these types of groups, and patients who may live in more rural areas can even find groups on social media if they are unable to find one to attend in person.

A diagnosis of diabetes doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If patients simply follow our Top 10 tips for managing their diabetes, it will make staying on top of their health and minimizing any potential complications significantly easier and less lonely. Remember, diabetes is not the end of life, it is merely the start of a new phase. Get some new shoes, find a community, check in with a doctor, and enjoy life!

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What Are the Best Diabetic Walking Shoes?


For many diabetics, it’s hard to find the right pair of walking shoes. There’s no need to fret, though; many of today’s most popular brands offer a wide range of choices that are tailored especially for diabetics. There are also brands that make nothing but diabetic walking shoes (read on for a list of examples).

Whether you like to take a casual stroll through the park, power-walk through your subdivision or go on long hikes in the woods, there’s a shoe out there that’s perfect for your needs. Before your next shoe-shopping trip, check out these tips on how to find the best diabetic walking shoes.

What to Look for in the Best Diabetic Walking Shoes

Look for shoes that give you plenty of room for your feet to move around. If your toes feel snug inside the shoe, it’s time to find another pair. This is especially important if you suffer from blisters, bunions, or hammertoe. You should keep an eye out for shoes with thicker, high-cushion insoles (like gel or memory foam insoles) because they help reduce pressure as you walk and keep your feet feeling great.

Remember: more cushion means more comfort.

Next, you want to avoid shoes that are made from synthetic materials or plastic. Shoes made from leather or canvas are better for diabetics because they let feet “breathe” and help improve circulation. This is something that diabetic neuropathy sufferers should especially consider. Another benefit of leather or canvas shoes is that they are better at conforming to your feet over the lifetime of the shoe, which is something that synthetic and plastic shoes cannot do.

Popular Brands

Fortunately, wearers of diabetic walking shoes no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort. More popular brands are adding more options to their product lines every day. Well-known brands like:

New Balance



Hush Puppies

There are also brands that specialize in diabetic footwear, such as:

Easy Spirit



Dr. Comfort

Thanks to these brands, diabetics can now choose from tennis shoes to hiking boots to dress shoes to moccasin-style boots…and just about any other style in between.

What NOT to Wear

There are some shoe styles that are not good choices for diabetics. High heels, flip-flops, slip-ons, and shoes with pointed toes can be worn occasionally, but they should not be anyone’s first choice for everyday walking. Diabetic, or not. High heels do not distribute pressure evenly. Flip-flops offer little-to-no support, and the straps are often thin and can cause irritation, ulceration, or blisters. Slip-ons are not adjustable, which can limit comfort. Shoes with pointed toes are not ideal because they restrict toe movement; a wider, square toe is a better solution.

When it comes to walking shoes, small things can make an enormous difference. Instead of high heels, flimsy straps and shoes with no arch support, diabetics should look for shoes that have things like easy-to-tie laces, shock absorption and adjustable soles. Buckles and hook-and-loop closure straps (i.e. Velcro) are other options that make shoes easy to adjust—and shoes that are easy to adjust mean more comfort for the wearer, overall.

To find out whether shoes are diabetic-friendly or not, look is the packaging. Many brands include icons that indicate when a shoe is approved for diabetics, usually simply saying “Diabetic-Approved.” Other phrases to be on the lookout for include “Medicare-approved,” “HCPCS Code A5500” (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System) and “PDAC A5500” (Medicare Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding). Even if you are not enrolled in any governmental healthcare program, this is an effortless way to find the perfect, diabetic-friendly pair of shoes. If packaging isn’t on hand (for online or catalog shopping), you can look for these icons and phrases in the website’s (or catalog’s) product descriptions or in the product page’s bullet points.

If you have questions or are confused about some of these terms, ask an expert. Specialty shoe shops should answer any questions regarding diabetic footwear.

Custom Shoes for Custom Comfort

Many shoe brands can make custom shoes tailored especially for your feet. Ask your favorite shoe shop about what custom footwear services they offer. Chances are, the shop you’ve always trusted has many terrific options available for you to choose from. If you are unable to find a good, local shoe shop, there are many options online to choose from. Simply use your favorite search engine to find companies that can send you a molding material that you mold to your feet, and then send back to them, postage paid of course, so they can make custom shoes specifically for your feet and condition.

Buy a Properly Fitted Shoe

Before you buy that brand-new pair of walking shoes you may want to have your shoe size checked. Unbelievably, many people go around wearing shoes that are the wrong size for their feet. This can spell sad news for diabetics, as wearing the wrong size shoe can lead to poor circulation, blisters, irritation, swelling and infection. Nobody should have to deal with those ailments because of the wrong size shoes.


With all this being said, we have a few recommendations for you to try!

First up is the Ped-Lite Men’s Oliver Boat Shoe. This shoe can be purchased in a Velcro or Lace style. Whichever is preferred.

Ped-Lite Men’s Oliver Boat Shoe With Velcro

For women we recommend the Propet Stability Walker. An excellent shoe for everyday tasks!

Propet Stability Walker Women’s Athletic Shoe

Be sure to check out our hundreds of other styles. We guarantee you will find a shoe you like!

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What is the Difference Between Diabetic Shoes and Regular Shoes?


Diabetic shoes are obviously shoes made specifically for a diabetic. But, what do they have that regular old sneakers don’t have? Diabetic shoes aren’t just comfy sneakers that feel like slippers just because. No, every single part of a diabetic shoe is carefully crafted for a specific purpose. Every factor is taken into consideration when the shoe is made. Like shoe height, width, materials, size, posture, deepness, collar size, etc. Yeah, these shoes are incredibly important. Most doctors who specialize in diabetic patient care will tell you that diabetic shoes simply save feet from harm.

Foot ulcers are problems diabetics need to monitor all the time. Sometimes, it is unpreventable, and if a foot ulcer gets worse, it may result in having to amputate the foot. That is a horrible scenario that no one should have to endure. But, sadly, there are tens of thousands of people who must have amputation procedures completed because of prior problems.

Diabetic shoes can prevent the minor problems that turn into big problems from occurring. But, that doesn’t mean that if you don’t have the exact right shoes, you’ll end up at the hospital with major problems, either. Diabetes can be scary sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be if you do your homework on what shoes provide the most benefits for your feet.


Diabetic Shoes and Regular Shoes in Comparison

Regular old sneakers are made from rubber, synthetic materials, leather, mesh, plastic, metal, and sometimes even wood. Usually, the casual shoe doesn’t have any wood or metal in it though. Large shoe manufacturers also use a thin type of textile or synthetic mesh for the upper portion of the shoe, followed by polyurethane rubber or sometimes even recycled rubber from old car airbags and other things.

These materials are the cheapest that money can buy. They are designed to be cheap. Even though some are outrageously expensive. They are thin, so they don’t have any type of support for the foot. The soles are usually a thin rubber encased around another material. The inside soles are an uncomfortable rubber EVA type of material that forms to the foot but is so thin that it doesn’t provide any cushion. Those types of insoles are great at making your feet hot though.

The characteristics mentioned above are prevalent in shoes under a $50 price range. There are great shoes out there from major brands and small businesses all around the world that benefit your feet instead of causing more problems. But, a diabetic needs a different kind of footwear. But, not even just a diabetic. Anyone can find a ton of comfort in shoes designed for diabetics.

Advantages to Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes are engineered for maximum comfort and blood flow. They are designed to be as sleek as possible without compromising the quality of the materials needed to protect the foot in any situation. Specifically, a diabetic’s feet are prone to swelling and decreased blood flow caused by many factors. Their feet also need extra support because a diabetic can experience loss of feeling or numbness at any time, which can make a person extra clumsy and in danger of hurting themselves or others by falling.

So, diabetic shoes are made to alleviate all the conditions mentioned above and to provide comfort, stability, mobility, and to still be priced affordably. It’s no easy feat. If you go to a store, or talk to someone else about diabetic shoes, they may refer to them as therapeutic shoes, extra deep shoes, or an older term: ‘Sugar shoes.’ They are called this because of the room they give for a diabetic’s feet to swell if they need to safely while ensuring maximum blood flow.

The materials used for diabetic shoes aren’t all that dissimilar from regular shoes. The design is what makes them special. Diabetic shoes do not have a single stitch that protrudes on the inside of the shoe. This is because the skin on the foot of a person with diabetes can be very sensitive, and even the smallest stitch can cause irritation, which can lead to infections, or blisters, and if left unchecked, some major problems. The interior of the shoe is also protected with a soft material because they do fit somewhat different than regular shoes. They provide room above the foot so that when swelling occurs, the person can leave their shoes on. Which is great, because when the foot does swell, the shoe hugs the foot gently, which promotes better blood flow throughout the foot. It also provides comfort to a painful, swelled up foot.

All diabetic shoes are different, but most have some sort of soft cushion technology on the heel portion of the insole and sole of the shoe. Some will have air pockets that provide extra support and comfort that the heel can hug and conform to. Others have soft material that won’t compress to much and break down over time, but generally do the same thing. The insoles of a diabetic shoe are made so that it conforms to the bottom of the user’s feet. They are cushioned with a little extra material that will shape right with the natural arch and the balls of your feet and toes. People with hammertoe and other deformities of the toes find that diabetic shoes have the most room for their feet to fit. They use these types of shoes to fit custom made inserts into so that the bones can eventually correct themselves into the correct positions.

The outside of a diabetic shoe isn’t much different than a regular shoe. You’ll find that quite a few models of shoes don’t have laces, but straps instead. This is because the user always needs to fit the shoe snugly to their feet, so having a pin and hook or a buckle strap is the most convenient way for them to do that. But, you can also find plenty of shoes with laces or even boots with zippers or slip ons.

Diabetic shoes can also be custom made for anyone. Not just sole inserts, but the entire shoe itself can be made just for you. There are plenty of options available for anyone wanting superior comfort and provided benefits from their shoes. Anyone without diabetes can use these shoes to enhance their overall foot health as well.


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Top 10 Health Benefits of Diabetic Shoes

What are the top Health Benefits of Diabetic Shoes?

I’m glad you asked! Diabetic shoes have many benefits for both people who suffer from diabetes, and for people who don’t. It isn’t common knowledge that a person without diabetes can use some of the products available on the market that are specifically designed for diabetes. However, the products, such as diabetic shoes, are designed to help people with diabetes with blood flow and comfortability, as well as decreasing any kind of pain. Anyone can benefit from diabetic shoes. Here are the top 10 reasons to wear diabetic shoes and how they can benefit anyone:

  1. Blood Flow

People with diabetes know that blood circulation becomes a problem because of high blood sugar. Numb feet are common among people who suffer from diabetes. In more extreme cases, ulcers and blood clots can occur when the person cannot feel the pain in their feet these problems are caused because of poor blood flow. These problems may go unnoticed for long enough to create larger problems and the need for more extreme solutions.

Diabetics live their life with their feet swelling often. Others are worse than others, but wearing regular sneakers are often uncomfortable for a diabetic because of this reason. Wearing regular shoes that restrict the blood flow even more could cause considerable damage.

Diabetic shoes are a bit larger than regular shoes are, because a diabetic’s feet need room to swell a bit. Also, the shoes need to be able to accommodate custom orthotics and pressure relieving material on the inside of the shoe, which is usually soft and form fitting.

For people without diabetes, if any foot problems tend to occur, like problems with sores or pain in certain parts of your feet, diabetic shoes with custom orthotic inserts may be the answer you need. People with minor foot injuries or uncomfortable soreness can use the benefits these shoes give. You can have them on standby whenever you have sore or aching feet. Or, you can even choose to wear them to the office or on the jobsite if they are working out well for you.

  1. Nerves

There are many nerves in the foot that run all the way to the toes and back up the leg. Diabetics have problems daily with the nerves in their foot because of blood flow and not having the correct footwear to properly conform to their feet. Losing feeling in your feet due to nerve damage or stress is called Neuropathy. It is hard for diabetics who have a poor diet and don’t exercise to even feel their feet because of numbness. When this happens, the nerves are being restricted, which causes the muscles and tendons in the foot to swell up. Every part of the body does this when nerve damage or stress is present. The problems that can stem from nerve stress due to swelling and poor blood flow, along with a poor diet, not enough exercise, and checking your blood, can lead to very extreme solutions that may involve amputation.

  1. Posture

Diabetic shoes are designed to put your foot into the optimal gesture in order for blood to flow freely through the foot. The shoes work when a person is sitting down, laying down, or walking for a long time, like at work. Anyone could benefit from shoes giving your feet the best posture possible for optimal blood flow. Injuries to the feet require white blood cells to target the injury so your body can heal itself. Poor blood flow can restrict white blood cells from accumulating, resulting in injuries that can take months to heal.

The bones in the ankle and the toes have a tremendous amount of stress on them every day, especially if you happen to be overweight. Diabetic shoes with a proper fit will relieve a ton of stress from your ankles and other parts of your feet due to proper foot posture.

  1. Joints

All of your body’s joints have tissue and tendons which help hold the joint in the correct place. There is also tissue in between the joints so that the bones don’t grind together when you move. Your joints need a lot of protection against injury, especially ankles. It is quite easy to roll an ankle wearing improper footwear. Diabetic shoes have the structure necessary for diabetics and anyone else to protect the joints of the feet from injury. Also, because of the increased blood flow to the feet, the joints, nerves, muscles, and tendons get more nutrients, and water. Joints need water to keep the soft tissue in between the bones from colliding during movement. For diabetics, this issue is significant because of the swelling that happens in the feet. Diabetic shoes alleviate these problems, as well as pain in the joints when weight is distributed to them.

  1. Shear

Show shear is the act of a shoe moving in a separate way than the foot. Basically, it is when your foot moves forward and backward, or side to side inside the shoe. This happens when a shoe is too big, or too wide, or if the inside material has worn down. Naturally, shoes that are too big, or that aren’t tightened up properly will cause blisters. These blisters can become pretty nasty, especially if the diabetic can’t even feel the blister or the pain of their feet rubbing the inside of the improperly fit shoe. Diabetic shoes have a fit that completely alleviates the chance of the foot moving in a different direction that the shoe.

  1. More Than Just Foot Care

Shoes have a significant impact on your calves, thighs, buttocks, and lower back. The overall posture for your lower body comes from how your feet act during certain movements, and how they posture at a resting position. Diabetic shoes are designed to put your feet into the correct position regardless of your posture or position.

  1. Keeping Foot Problems Small

Diabetics always have a fear of foot problems going from stage 1 to stage 10 really fast. Unfortunately, overweight people, or people who are obese who have diabetes have a much larger chance of foot damage that goes unnoticed. For a diabetic, bunions, sores, corns, and blisters can turn into a nasty infection quickly. Diabetic shoes ensure these problems don’t even happen in the first place. Also, fungal infections, and even gangrene can be a frequent problem among diabetics. It all stems from poor blood flow and how the body, particularly the feet, fight off infections and other problems.

  1. Deformities

People with any sort of foot problem can benefit from diabetic shoes because of their ability to hold a proper posture of the foot in any position. Common deformities of the foot like ‘hammertoe’ are common among diabetics. This problem is caused by nerve damage and stress that causes the bones of a toe to start curling inwards towards other toes. Eventually, without proper footwear, a hammertoe will end up above or below the other toe. This particular deformity can cause a good amount of pain and uncomfortable feelings in your feet. Diabetic shoes, along with medically-issued orthotic inserts will mitigate the possibility of hammertoe or other deformities than may occur among diabetics. However, not all people who experience hammertoe are diabetic. Sometimes, this deformity can begin at birth for whatever reason. Again, diabetic shoes with inserts will fix the problem regardless of the cause of the problem.

  1. Custom Shoes

Some companies give customers the option to make a shoe just for them. For diabetics, this option is a fantastic thing to take advantage of. Every foot is different, and these shoes can be made specifically for the problems you experience. Custom shoes are made from a mold of your feet, to which each shoe. Left and right, will be different and formed exactly for that foot. This is obviously the best way to ensure your shoes are doing everything they can to alleviate any kind of problems. They are likely to be the most comfortable pair of shoes that your feet will ever be graced with. After all, they are custom made for just your feet.

  1. Options

There isn’t just one kind of diabetic shoe. Common types are in-depth and healing shoes, as well as custom made shoes, but the possibilities are nearly endless. When you go shopping for a pair of diabetic shoes, you will find that each model and each brand are going to have many distinctive characteristics to which you can find the right combination for your feet. For people without diabetes, they can find many types of diabetic shoes that can help them with any kind of problem they have.

Final Thoughts

Diabetic shoes have come a long way over the last decade or so. More options are available, more features help emerging problems, and solutions are becoming more prevalent. For people with diabetes, diabetic shoes are just a necessary accessory to improve their quality of life. For people without diabetes, these shoes can also give them a better quality of life, but for various reasons. And those reasons are growing right along with the evolution of the diabetic shoe industry.

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The Importance of Wearing Diabetic Socks on a Daily Basis

diabetic boots Wearing Diabetic Socks

diabetic boots Wearing Diabetic SocksThere are people who never like wearing socks mainly because they feel as if their feet are pressured when there are socks on them and that moisture is being kept inside because of the socks. However, when you have diabetes Wearing Diabetic Socks is highly recommended because feet are easily damaged and if there is nothing to protect them every day then you will have a lot of problems that may result in the amputation of the feet. If you want to avoid the complications that diabetes causes to many of the people who have it, you need to wear diabetic socks on a daily basis. Diabetic socks are the perfect solution even for people who hate wearing any type of socks.

In order to understand the importance of wearing diabetic socks on a daily basis, there is the need to understand how diabetes affects your feet and how diabetic socks help prevent its dangerous effects. The high levels of glucose in the blood are damaging the cells of the blood vessels which make it more difficult to control how wide the vessels are depending on the condition of the surrounding tissues. The small areas among the cells are also not able to provide enough space for the transmission of the necessary nutritional substances to the surrounding areas and the elimination of the unnecessary substances secreted by the cells in the tissues. Oxygen is also hindered which is why tissues receive less than the required oxygen and nutrition. Because of this, the cells have reduced protection against bacteria and infections. The regenerative features of the cells are also damaged due to the lack of nutrition and oxygen in quantities that are necessary. Therefore, the diabetic foot is easily damaged and every wound such as blisters, sores, ulcers, and so on, takes a longer time to heal and its healing is quite difficult. All of this together with the fact that the tissues are prone to infection caused by bacteria is very dangerous. Therefore, the feet are a perfect location for infections and necrosis. In addition to all of this, the nerve endings in the feet are also damaged and you cannot properly receive sensations from your feet. This means that you could damage your toe while you are walking but you will only find out about this if you decide to check how your feet are because there will be no sensation of it. It is called diabetic neuropathy and it helps get a complication that every diabetic person wants to avoid – amputation of toes or feet.

Diabetic socks can prevent all of these complications because of several important things. If you want to buy diabetic socks you will find out that many of the shops in your area and on the Internet have large quantities of them and they are offered in many various styles. The reason for this is that they are in high demand due to their beneficial effects on the feet. You can easily purchase your first pair of diabetic socks once you open up your browse and search for an online store for this type of products. You can get them delivered to your doorstep within hours or one day depending on where your address is and how far it is from the warehouse of the online store.

You can buy diabetic socks and know that your feet will be cared for because diabetic socks are seamless and made out of materials that are wrinkle-proved. Seamless socks are essential for the well-being of your feet and the reason for this is that every seam on the sock will be rubbing against your skin and this causes the formation of blisters, sores, and so on. Wrinkles on the socks can have the same effects such as seams. However, wrinkles also put additional pressure on the feet and worsen the circulation. The circulation is already poor in the feet, which means that every unnecessary pressure can cause an increased suffering of the tissues and be the reason for the death of cells. Dead cells due to necrosis combined with bacterial infections are known to be the reason for the need of amputation. Therefore, diabetic socks are very important for preventing the amputation of your feet, which could really change your lifestyle and make you unable to perform your job tasks and earn an income.

Diabetic socks also reduce the moisture on the feet which is very important to prevent infections with bacteria. Bacteria love moisture and it is a suitable environment for their multiplication and the infection of any wounds that may be present on the feet. Bacteria and moisture are also known to increase chances of getting ulcers and ulcers that are not cared for can cause amputation. Keep in mind that you need to check your feet regularly because if you rely to feel whether or not there are wounds on your feet you will certainly be walking on the path to amputation. You cannot rely on your feet sensation due to the neuropathy and regular checkups of your feet are very important for preventing this complication.

Diabetic socks also provide additional space between each toe which is essential in order to avoid rubbing the skin on each nearby toe and getting ulcers. It also provides additional cushions which is important for decreasing the vertical pressure on each toe. Keep that in mind when you are about to buy diabetic socks because in order to use all of these benefits you need to get the right size of this type of socks. It is also important to buy enough pairs of diabetic socks in order to have one always when you need it. It is recommended to never use normal socks anymore because they are more damaging to your feet than you can think of.

You can easily buy diabetic socks and start wearing them immediately with the goal of keeping your feet protected and safe from diabetic complications.

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Advice for Buying the Best Diabetic Socks and boots

propet boots Buying the Best Diabetic Socks and boots

propet boots Buying the Best Diabetic Socks and bootsDiabetic socks are said by researchers to be the best option for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. But Buying the Best Diabetic Socks and boots is the best option.  There is no doubt that diabetes is a condition that is very difficult to manage in the beginning but once you have found the right treatment for your body, it will be easy to find a routine that allows you to take proper care on your own for your body. Following the trends that others have already set in managing diabetes is highly recommended because people will always find a great way to keep themselves healthy in addition to the traditional medicine. The treatment alone for your diabetes will not be enough to prevent all of the different complications associated with diabetes.

Complications of diabetes can be fit in a very long list. Of course, not all of them are common and some diabetic people never even experience them. However, there are certain complications that are present with almost every diabetic person and if you want to have highest possible chances of avoiding these complications then you need to be very strict to yourself and always follow the preventive measures without exceptions. Keep in mind that the proper treatment is also very important which is why you need to have a specialist who has the knowledge to prescribe the right treatment program for your condition individually.

Many of the complications of diabetes are affecting your feet. Poor circulation due to the damaged blood vessels and their ability to be affected by other substances is the reason why tissues are constantly receiving less than the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrition during normal state and even less during activity. This means that tissues are prone to damage and wounds are difficult to heal. Blood loss can also occur because the increased amount of glucose makes it difficult for the blood to clot and therefore it takes more time than usual for the bleeding to stop. The immune system is also affected and therefore providing the local protection on the skin and on the mucosa is also hindered which is why diabetic people get more infections that are more difficult to treat than normal healthy people. Therefore, taking proper care of your feet is extremely important in order to be able to prevent skin damages, improve the blood circulation, and reduce chances of infection, necrosis and amputation. Amputation is considered to be the worst complication and can affect not only a toe on the feet, but the whole feet or even more of the leg. It depends on the condition and how severe it is, as well as how long it has been present before the patient has noticed the changes.

One of the things researches show to be quite effective in preventing these complications is the purchase of diabetic socks. It is highly recommended that every diabetic person should wear diabetic socks in order to provide the care for the feet. If you have never worn diabetic socks before then you probably have no knowledge of how useful they are and how healthy you can be if you are wearing them every day, especially with diabetic boots.

The best diabetic socks can be easily found on various online stores. If you live in a large town or a city then you will probably be able to find such socks in your local specialized stores. However, if you want to have an idea of how they look and how they can be used, you can easily find different models on the online stores. The best diabetic socks can be also easily purchased on the Internet and you can get them delivered to your home within one or more days depending on your location. If your government has programs that help diabetic people then you can try and apply for free diabetic socks and boots on this particular program.

Diabetic socks offered on online stores can be browsed because each product has several photos that are informative enough. You can also find additional information such as the material they are made of, its features, as well as the size of the socks and see their styles. You should not worry because diabetic socks can be found in all kinds of styles and designs that will certainly be possible to combine with the rest of the outfit. Diabetic boots can also be chosen for different occasions such as both formal and every day, as well as work occasion. Even if the website that you have chosen has only several models of the best diabetic socks, you can easily find other online stores that have a larger variety and purchase from there. Diabetic socks are also quite affordable and even if you have a very tight budget for these products, you can still get several pairs to wear every day of the week.

It is extremely important to take proper care of your feet by wearing the best diabetic socks and boots every day. Some people even wear diabetic socks when they are sleeping and walking without shoes at home. The reason for this is that it keeps their feet from the dirt on the ground, as well as reduces the moisture and the bacteria that could infect the feet. The diabetic socks also protect your feet from any surfaces you may injure them on as you are walking. After all, the skin is more damageable and it is more prone to ulcers and sores.

No matter if you decide to purchase the best diabetic socks for your feet from your local stores or from the online stores, you ensure by doing so that your feet with be properly cared for and that complications such as infections, non-healing wounds and amputation will not be something you need to worry about. The more pairs that you have the easier it will be to change them whenever you need without having to worry if there are clean ones waiting for you in the drawer.

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How to Buy Best Diabetic Socks and Shoes for Protecting Your Feet

diabetic shoes for men Buy Best Diabetic Socks and Shoes

diabetic shoes for men Buy Best Diabetic Socks and ShoesIf you have diabetes then you are probably aware of how much care you need to provide to your feet in order to avoid all of the different diabetic related complications that your feet could get over the years. After all, there is no permanent cure for diabetes so far and if you have been diagnosed from an early age then you will be probably spending your whole life with this condition. The earlier you start taking care of your feet the better it will be for you when it comes to different complications such as wounds that take months to heal, necrosis to the tissues, and amputation of toes or even whole feet. All of these are very unpleasant and can significantly reduce your abilities to work and earn your income, which is why you are highly recommended to try and follow all measures against these complications to your feet caused by diabetes. And that’s why you need to Buy Best Diabetic Socks and Shoes together for best comfort. 

One of the best options that you need to choose is wearing diabetic socks together with diabetic boots. Diabetic socks have a lot of benefits that you can enjoy and make certain that your feet are being very well cared for. There is no doubt that taking care for your feet every single day will be quite tiring until you turn it into a habit, especially if you have a lot of other activities during your day and you have a very busy routine.

When you are choosing your diabetic socks you need to make certain that the brand you are browsing is actually recommended in this field of products. The brand of the diabetic socks and shoes is extremely important because after all these products need to deliver a lot more than the usual socks and shoes. Even if the name of the product says that it is perfect for diabetic people you still need to make certain that the brand actually has experience producing such goods and that there are other people who have already tried out these shoes and socks and have a positive opinion about them. Positive reviews are very important when you are purchasing diabetic socks or shoes from the online stores or even from your local stores. You need to consult with the salesman about all of the products he could recommend for people like you who have diabetes and want to take proper care of their feet.

The socks that you choose should also have antimicrobial properties in order to avoid all of the fungi growth which is common with many types of socks that are not allowing enough oxygen to enter through them and reach the feet. The fungi love areas that are low in oxygen or even have none because this would help them perfectly in their growth and development. The same is for moisture. The socks that you choose should have special technology of their manufacturing which will allow for moisture from your feet to enter through them and vaporize. Because of this, you need to buy best diabetic socks together with the best diabetic shoes which will allow for proper ventilation within the shoe and through the sock on each foot.

The diabetic socks that you buy should also provide a lot of additional space between your toes and the rest of your feet. The additional space is there in order for your tissues to have enough space within the socks and the shoes when you have been standing up or walking for too long and they start getting sore. The additional fluid that is accumulating within the cells in the tissues of your feet due to the inability of proper drainage of the veins is the reason for even poorer nutrition and oxygenating of these tissues. The result may even be necrosis which can end in an amputation which is the complication that every person wants to avoid.

The diabetic socks that you choose should also have no seams. Seams can put additional pressure on your feet when you are wearing shoes and this can lead to the same effect as wearing socks that are too tight. The material of the best diabetic socks should also have anti-wrinkling properties in order to avoid the pressure as well when you are wearing shoes.

If you want to buy best diabetic socks, you should make certain that they are latex free and that they are as soft as possible. If the material of the socks is rough, you risk that it will rub against the skin of your feet which is already too vulnerable and this will result in various skin damages such as blisters, sores, and other wounds which will take too long to heal.

The best diabetic socks should also have special fiber technology that allows for the oxygen levels to be high within the socks and the shoes. All of these features depend on the socks that you wear and even though you may never have thought about these facts before, you need to start considering them now when you have diabetes and they affect your feet in many major ways.

Getting the best diabetic socks and the best diabetic boots will ensure that your feet have enough space and stability when you are walking, that the moisture is being reduced and the bacteria are being killed by the antimicrobial properties and the additional creams and powders that you will be applying to your feet. The diabetic socks also have no bindings on the top unlike normal socks which is why they are allowing enough space on the top of your feet for proper blood vessel functioning and therefore you can be certain that your feet will not suffer lack of arterial blood even if you have been working for long without putting off your shoes and socks. You can be calm if you buy best diabetic socks and wear them every day when you are at work or somewhere else outside of your home.

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What Your Feet Need When You Have Diabetes

diabetic shoes for women and what your feet need

diabetic shoes for women and what your feet needYou have probably heard a lot of people who have diabetes complaining about their feet. The reason for this is the simple fact that diabetes has a lot of complications and many of them are affecting the feet. When glucose levels are not properly managed which can be caused by a lot of reasons you can be certain that the thing which suffers the most is the wall of your blood vessels. The blood vessels are covered by cells which can be quite vulnerable to the changes of the substances in your blood. Blood vessels cannot be properly regulated by your nervous system due to these changes and different tissues in your body are suffering the effects. The effects are decreased oxygen and nutrition to the tissues, increased amount of unnecessary substances in the tissues caused by the impossibility of the blood flow through the veins. This makes the cells more vulnerable to any kind of damages. Even the slightest rubbing against the skin of your feet could be a good enough reason for the formation of a blister, which is an open door to all of the bacteria surrounding the area. In this article we will explain what your feet need if you have diabetes and how to take care of them properly.

If you are one of the diabetic people and have been recently diagnosed then you need to make certain that the doctor treating you is a good enough specialist and that your treatment is the right one for you. The right treatment will be good enough to keep your glucose levels in the normal ranges at all time. If your glucose is getting too high or too low throughout the day without any particular reason such as not following your proper diet, then you need another treatment because this one is not effective enough for you. In addition to getting and following the right treatment, you need to do several other things which your feet need every day.

One of the most important measures is the proper hygiene. Proper hygiene simply means that you need to wash your feet every morning and every night. When you are washing your feet you need to make certain that the water has a normal temperature because if it is too hot or too cold you are risking getting a lot more damage to your feet. The sympathetic nervous system can cause the blood vessels to contract even more due to the temperature and this can cause additional damage to the tissues. It may also result in necrosis which is very serious and should be avoided. When you are washing your feet you should also do that without putting too much pressure on your feet. A lot of pressure can be damaging to the skin even when you are completely healthy. You need to be very gentle taking care of your feet when you are washing them every morning and night. Properly patting them afterwards with a towel which should also be gently is also highly recommended. You should not let them be wet for long time because this attracts more bacteria and feet already have too much of it.

Once you have washed your feet, it is time to take a look at every part of your feet. You need to check each toe on each foot and between your toes as well. You must be looking for skin damages such as blisters or sores, which should be taken care of if you notice any of them. Diabetic people have a difficulty recovering even from the smallest wound which is why the sooner you notice your wounds on your feet, the faster you will be able to recover from them. Using different antibacterial creams on your feet is also very important for protecting yourself from infections that could lead to very serious complications afterwards.

Applying different creams to your feet that will keep them moisture and not dry is also recommended, because if your skin is too dry it becomes also easily breakable and you will be making it even easier for bacteria to infect you. In addition to this, you should also make certain that your toenails are properly trimmed every day. Ingrown nails can cause a lot of serious complications due to the damages to the surrounding skin. Getting infections around your nails simply means that you will have a lot of difficulties curing yourself from these infections. Mycosis on the feet are difficult to cure even when people are perfectly healthy, which is why you as a diabetic person will find it even more difficult than others.

In addition to all of these measures, you are highly recommended to wear diabetic socks. You can buy the best diabetic socks online in a very short period of time because most of the products offered on the online stores are of high quality. You can easily find the best online diabetic socks by checking the reviews from other customers or simply asking your doctor for advice when it comes to diabetic socks and shoes. The faster you get yourself diabetic socks for every day, the better it will be for you to avoid any of the complications of diabetes on your feet and your body as a whole. You can easily purchase the best online diabetic socks from any store for specialized shoes and socks and get them delivered quickly to your home. You may even try to get them for free if your country has any programs for diabetic people involving equipment such as diabetic socks and shoes.

You should find time each day to take these measures and have a pair of diabetic socks that you can wear. This will help you protect your feet and keep yourself healthy from any infections that your feet can bring when there are wounds. Amputation is one of the worst complications of diabetes to your feet and you can avoid it for a very long time by following these tips and wearing the best possible diabetic socks together with diabetic shoes every single day.

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Why Diabetic Socks are better than Normal Socks for Patients with Diabetes

diabetic shoes and Diabetic Socks are better than Normal Socks

diabetic shoes and Diabetic Socks are better than Normal SocksThe diagnosis of diabetes is never easy, especially if you are a small child. Even if you are a grown up and you have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2, it still takes a lot of time to get used to this, because it is a chronic disease requiring daily intake of pills or insulin injections depending on how much insulin is still being produced by the pancreas. Fortunately, this is not a deadly condition. There is a treatment even though it is not a permanent one. You will need to take the treatment until the rest of your life, but it ensures that you can continue living for many years ahead if you take proper care of yourself and follow your treatment program. In this article we are explaining why diabetic socks are better than normal socks.

Specialists recommend that you need to take proper feet care every day if you want to avoid getting infections, necrosis and amputation. There are many things that you need to do every day in order to ensure that your feet are well-cared for. For example, you need to wash them every day gently without rubbing the skin, check for any ulcers, sores and other similar damages on the skin, cutting your toe nails regularly because ingrown toe nails can cause a lot of wounds and open doors for infections, and more. There are two products that you need to choose in order to assure your feet are well taken care of and these products are buying diabetic socks and diabetic boots. There are many things that make diabetic socks better than normal socks. If you are wondering whether or not you should choose diabetic socks over the normal ones, here are several important facts you should know about the diabetic socks and why they are the better option for your feet when you have diabetes.

One of the reasons why diabetic socks are better than normal socks is their elasticity. Normal socks have an elastic binding on their tops. This is made with the goal of keeping the socks straight on the legs without falling off. However, this is not healthy for the diabetic feet mainly because having an elastic binding above the ankle is one of the reasons for making the circulation in the feet even poorer. This only makes it worse for the tissues to get oxygen and nutrition and these needs increase when there is physical activity, which is why you could easily get necrosis and wounds if you are not careful. Of course, you should not think that diabetic socks will fall off your feet because they have no elastic bindings on the top. They are manufactured with materials that make it possible to easily put them on without worrying of falling off.

Diabetic socks also have no seams. Normal socks have seams and this is very dangerous for the skin of your feet. The reason why diabetic socks are seamless is because these seams can rub against the skin when you are walking or running, resulting in damaging the surface of the skin and forming different ulcers, blisters, and so on. This is very dangerous for a diabetic person and if you notice any damages to the skin, then you need to immediately start taking care of the wounds because necrosis and infection are on the way. Diabetic socks ensure that the materials they are made of have no seams and nothing is rubbing roughly against the skin on your feet. By wearing diabetic instead of normal socks, you make certain your feet are protected from blisters, sores, ulcers, and so on.

Diabetic socks are also better mainly because they are made out of materials that never wrinkle. Wrinkles are also known to act such as seams and damage the skin. Wrinkles are also the reason why additional pressure is put on the skin and the tissues underneath. The blood vessels are being pressured as well which is why you can be certain your tissues are getting less nutrition and oxygen than they need. The more they suffer, the higher the chance is of the cells dying and necrosis to form. Avoid wearing normal socks because they are easily wrinkled and put additional pressure on your feet which can be quite dangerous in the long term.

Feet also known to sweat quite easily and because of it moisture is formed. Moisture is great for bacteria and their development which is why even the smallest wound on your feet together with the moisture and the bacteria can be the reason for infections and even amputation. Once the wound is infected it becomes even more difficult to heal it and takes weeks sometimes even months for it to heal with antibiotics and other medications. Your body is already damaged by the diabetes and it does not need any more medications due to the unnecessary wounds and infections.

Sweating and pressure on the toes are also avoided by wearing diabetic socks. Having additional space around the toes when you are wearing diabetic socks is essential for the well-being of your toes and avoiding any wounds, bacteria and additional damages. Cushion is also provided which is very important in case of any scrapes or bumps.

Diabetic socks are the perfect solution for people who are having diabetes and want to take proper care of their feet. You can easily purchase diabetic socks from your local stores or from the Internet. There are many online stores offering great varieties of diabetic socks that can be delivered worldwide without any problems. Of course, you may need to pay for delivery, even though some companies offer free delivery for all purchases. It does not take long to choose the right diabetic socks mainly because they are offered in many different designs that can fit every trend preference. Sizes are also differing making it perfect for every person. There is nothing to worry about if you decide to get yourself diabetic socks and wear them every day.

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Several Tips to Follow When Buying the Best Diabetic Boots

Best diabetic boots propetIf you have diabetes then you are fully aware of how much care you need to provide for keeping your body healthy even though it may be quite difficult to keep your glucose levels in the normal ranges. Even if you follow your treatment correctly and provide the medicine you need every single day without missing a session and you follow a strict diet, it is still possible to develop many of the complications of diabetes. Most of these complications are associated with your feet and therefore a lot of the care you need to additionally provide to your body is about your feet. There are more than ten different activities that you can do on a daily basis which will ensure that your feet are well cared for and that you will have high chances of avoiding complications. But buying the best diabetic boots it’s also important for your foot health.

Many of these activities include proper hygiene such as washing carefully your feet every day, patting them without rubbing too roughly, applying antibacterial powder or creams, trimming your nails regularly and avoiding any ingrown toenails, and so on. In addition to all of these measures, you are also highly recommended to take one more – wearing diabetic boots every day no matter of the occasion and there are many benefits to it. Diabetic boots are certainly about to make your life easier because they will additionally protect your feet from any harmful effects of the normal shoes which you can find in any store in your local area or on the Internet.

Diabetic boots have a lot of advantages compared to other type of footwear which can be enjoyed both by people who have no diabetes and those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetic boots provide the care and support your feet need every time you are walking or running. Even if you have long shifts at work that can be even up to 24 hours, you can rely that if you wear diabetic boots you will be able to protect your feet from chronic pain, muscle spasms, joint damages, and more.

Choosing the right diabetic boots can be difficult if you are not aware of what you should be looking for and what special features diabetic boots can bring to you. There are several tips that you can follow when you are about to buy the best diabetic boots you can find on the Internet or in your local stores.

First of all, make certain that you are about to purchase from a store that is well recognized in the area of providing special footwear to people with different conditions. It is important that other people have also purchased these products before and that they have provided positive reviews for these products. The opinion of others really matters especially when it comes to products that can actually help significantly keep your feet healthy. There are many brands that are not producing quality diabetic boots which is why you need to know which brands are they and avoid them. There is no point in spending your money on something which will not be of use to your health.

Another very important thing when you want to buy best diabetic boots is to make certain that they are the size that fits you the most. This is very important because if you get a pair of shoes that are one or more sizes larger or smaller than the right one for your feet, then you will be doing more damage to your feet than helping them. The reason for this is that the blood flow is already hindered and if you are not providing the support your feet need or if you are applying too much pressure on them with smaller boots then you will be blocking the arterial blood even more and additionally decreasing the amount of oxygen your tissues receive. Keep this in mind as you are trying out your diabetic boots and make certain that you have both of them on your feet and you walk for a certain period of time before you make your final decision of whether or not to buy them. If you are purchasing from an online store then you can get them delivered with the option of trying them out before buying.

The boots that you choose should also be able to control the moisture and the odor. Moisture is very important to be avoided because it helps improve the environment for bacteria and it spreads. Bacteria are very dangerous to the diabetic feet because it can quickly spread and affect any skin damages that are present on the feet. Wounds also take quite a long time to heal which is why the environment is even better for the bacteria to develop, especially when there is enough moisture and warmth.

The best diabetic boots that you can find will also have a steel shank as well as firm heels. Firm heels are very important in order to provide the support you need for walking with the correct movements of your joints. The pressure is also spread correctly when you are stepping the right way. You can also find diabetic boots in many various styles that you can choose from and therefore be able to wear the diabetic shoes no matter of the occasion. You can have as many pairs as you need similar to when you were buying normal shoes. There are no limitations to the diabetic boots.

If you want to buy best diabetic boots then you need to follow these basic tips which will save you a lot of time and effort. Once you get them delivered to your doorstep you need to make certain that you try them out for a certain period of time in order to see if they fit you perfectly and if you feel comfortable in them. If you want to make certain that you buy best diabetic boots then this is absolutely necessary to try out.