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Top 10 Health Benefits of Diabetic Shoes

What are the top Health Benefits of Diabetic Shoes?

I’m glad you asked! Diabetic shoes have many benefits for both people who suffer from diabetes, and for people who don’t. It isn’t common knowledge that a person without diabetes can use some of the products available on the market that are specifically designed for diabetes. However, the products, such as diabetic shoes, are designed to help people with diabetes with blood flow and comfortability, as well as decreasing any kind of pain. Anyone can benefit from diabetic shoes. Here are the top 10 reasons to wear diabetic shoes and how they can benefit anyone:

  1. Blood Flow

People with diabetes know that blood circulation becomes a problem because of high blood sugar. Numb feet are common among people who suffer from diabetes. In more extreme cases, ulcers and blood clots can occur when the person cannot feel the pain in their feet these problems are caused because of poor blood flow. These problems may go unnoticed for long enough to create larger problems and the need for more extreme solutions.

Diabetics live their life with their feet swelling often. Others are worse than others, but wearing regular sneakers are often uncomfortable for a diabetic because of this reason. Wearing regular shoes that restrict the blood flow even more could cause considerable damage.

Diabetic shoes are a bit larger than regular shoes are, because a diabetic’s feet need room to swell a bit. Also, the shoes need to be able to accommodate custom orthotics and pressure relieving material on the inside of the shoe, which is usually soft and form fitting.

For people without diabetes, if any foot problems tend to occur, like problems with sores or pain in certain parts of your feet, diabetic shoes with custom orthotic inserts may be the answer you need. People with minor foot injuries or uncomfortable soreness can use the benefits these shoes give. You can have them on standby whenever you have sore or aching feet. Or, you can even choose to wear them to the office or on the jobsite if they are working out well for you.

  1. Nerves

There are many nerves in the foot that run all the way to the toes and back up the leg. Diabetics have problems daily with the nerves in their foot because of blood flow and not having the correct footwear to properly conform to their feet. Losing feeling in your feet due to nerve damage or stress is called Neuropathy. It is hard for diabetics who have a poor diet and don’t exercise to even feel their feet because of numbness. When this happens, the nerves are being restricted, which causes the muscles and tendons in the foot to swell up. Every part of the body does this when nerve damage or stress is present. The problems that can stem from nerve stress due to swelling and poor blood flow, along with a poor diet, not enough exercise, and checking your blood, can lead to very extreme solutions that may involve amputation.

  1. Posture

Diabetic shoes are designed to put your foot into the optimal gesture in order for blood to flow freely through the foot. The shoes work when a person is sitting down, laying down, or walking for a long time, like at work. Anyone could benefit from shoes giving your feet the best posture possible for optimal blood flow. Injuries to the feet require white blood cells to target the injury so your body can heal itself. Poor blood flow can restrict white blood cells from accumulating, resulting in injuries that can take months to heal.

The bones in the ankle and the toes have a tremendous amount of stress on them every day, especially if you happen to be overweight. Diabetic shoes with a proper fit will relieve a ton of stress from your ankles and other parts of your feet due to proper foot posture.

  1. Joints

All of your body’s joints have tissue and tendons which help hold the joint in the correct place. There is also tissue in between the joints so that the bones don’t grind together when you move. Your joints need a lot of protection against injury, especially ankles. It is quite easy to roll an ankle wearing improper footwear. Diabetic shoes have the structure necessary for diabetics and anyone else to protect the joints of the feet from injury. Also, because of the increased blood flow to the feet, the joints, nerves, muscles, and tendons get more nutrients, and water. Joints need water to keep the soft tissue in between the bones from colliding during movement. For diabetics, this issue is significant because of the swelling that happens in the feet. Diabetic shoes alleviate these problems, as well as pain in the joints when weight is distributed to them.

  1. Shear

Show shear is the act of a shoe moving in a separate way than the foot. Basically, it is when your foot moves forward and backward, or side to side inside the shoe. This happens when a shoe is too big, or too wide, or if the inside material has worn down. Naturally, shoes that are too big, or that aren’t tightened up properly will cause blisters. These blisters can become pretty nasty, especially if the diabetic can’t even feel the blister or the pain of their feet rubbing the inside of the improperly fit shoe. Diabetic shoes have a fit that completely alleviates the chance of the foot moving in a different direction that the shoe.

  1. More Than Just Foot Care

Shoes have a significant impact on your calves, thighs, buttocks, and lower back. The overall posture for your lower body comes from how your feet act during certain movements, and how they posture at a resting position. Diabetic shoes are designed to put your feet into the correct position regardless of your posture or position.

  1. Keeping Foot Problems Small

Diabetics always have a fear of foot problems going from stage 1 to stage 10 really fast. Unfortunately, overweight people, or people who are obese who have diabetes have a much larger chance of foot damage that goes unnoticed. For a diabetic, bunions, sores, corns, and blisters can turn into a nasty infection quickly. Diabetic shoes ensure these problems don’t even happen in the first place. Also, fungal infections, and even gangrene can be a frequent problem among diabetics. It all stems from poor blood flow and how the body, particularly the feet, fight off infections and other problems.

  1. Deformities

People with any sort of foot problem can benefit from diabetic shoes because of their ability to hold a proper posture of the foot in any position. Common deformities of the foot like ‘hammertoe’ are common among diabetics. This problem is caused by nerve damage and stress that causes the bones of a toe to start curling inwards towards other toes. Eventually, without proper footwear, a hammertoe will end up above or below the other toe. This particular deformity can cause a good amount of pain and uncomfortable feelings in your feet. Diabetic shoes, along with medically-issued orthotic inserts will mitigate the possibility of hammertoe or other deformities than may occur among diabetics. However, not all people who experience hammertoe are diabetic. Sometimes, this deformity can begin at birth for whatever reason. Again, diabetic shoes with inserts will fix the problem regardless of the cause of the problem.

  1. Custom Shoes

Some companies give customers the option to make a shoe just for them. For diabetics, this option is a fantastic thing to take advantage of. Every foot is different, and these shoes can be made specifically for the problems you experience. Custom shoes are made from a mold of your feet, to which each shoe. Left and right, will be different and formed exactly for that foot. This is obviously the best way to ensure your shoes are doing everything they can to alleviate any kind of problems. They are likely to be the most comfortable pair of shoes that your feet will ever be graced with. After all, they are custom made for just your feet.

  1. Options

There isn’t just one kind of diabetic shoe. Common types are in-depth and healing shoes, as well as custom made shoes, but the possibilities are nearly endless. When you go shopping for a pair of diabetic shoes, you will find that each model and each brand are going to have many distinctive characteristics to which you can find the right combination for your feet. For people without diabetes, they can find many types of diabetic shoes that can help them with any kind of problem they have.

Final Thoughts

Diabetic shoes have come a long way over the last decade or so. More options are available, more features help emerging problems, and solutions are becoming more prevalent. For people with diabetes, diabetic shoes are just a necessary accessory to improve their quality of life. For people without diabetes, these shoes can also give them a better quality of life, but for various reasons. And those reasons are growing right along with the evolution of the diabetic shoe industry.

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