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Important Reasons to Wear Diabetic Socks If You Have Diabetes

wear diabetic socks and shoes

diabetic shoes and socksThere are many different reasons why people visit their doctor for the first time when they start experiencing different symptoms which at the particular moment cannot be associated with something as dangerous as diabetes. Of course, if you have family members with diabetes you will be aware that you have chances of getting it too and probably has enough knowledge to be able to recognize the symptoms and search for medical attention immediately when you experience any of them. In case you are not aware of the most common symptoms of diabetes these include an increased thirst, which cannot be overcome easily, urinating more often throughout the day, losing a lot of weight, feeling discomfort and lethargic every day, dizziness, dry mouth, and more. Contacting your doctor immediately after you feel these symptoms or some of them is highly recommended in order to prevent damages to your body caused by the increased levels of the glucose. Once you have the diagnosis of diabetes, you are given a different type of treatment depending on your condition. If you are on insulin injections then you need to be even more careful with your health, because this means if you miss an injection that your tissues and blood vessels will suffer a lot of damage. Your feet suffer too so it is very important to wear diabetic socks as well as shoes.

There are many complications associated with the diabetes as the years pass and glucose levels vary. The most common complications are associated with the feet and researches show that a high percentage of feet amputations are happening to people who have diabetes. Your feet are very important for your normal daily life and if you want to avoid amputation and other complications of diabetes, you need to pay proper attention and care for your feet. One of the important ways to do that is by wearing diabetic socks for women and men. Diabetic socks for women and men have many different benefits to offer each patient with diabetes.

Diabetic socks for women and men have one very special feature and it is the one that they are manufactured without any seams. Seamless diabetic socks provide the important benefit of lowering the irritation to the feet and sometimes even completely reducing it. The normal socks which the majority of people wear have seams which can easily rub against the feet and therefore damage the skin which is already damaged by the low blood stream to the tissues. Friction with the seams of the normal socks that are worn every day can cause the development of blisters, as well as cuts and sores. All of these are known as being an enemy to the people who have diabetes because wounds take a lot of time to heal and because of this it becomes an open door to bacteria and various infections. Diabetic socks for women and men can significantly reduce the possibility of forming any blisters and sores on your feet, which is why it is highly recommended that you wear such ones from the very beginning of your diagnosis. You should not wait to start experiencing symptoms of blisters and sores until you decide to get proper products for your feet.

Another important reason to wear diabetic socks is to reduce the pressure on your feet. The material of the diabetic socks is chosen specifically to not be able to form any wrinkles that can provide additional pressure on the feet. Diabetic feet can easily swollen and if the shoes are also applying pressure, then you are risking to completely stop the blood flow to your feet making it impossible for the tissues to receive oxygen and all of the other necessary substances. The wrinkles can also affect the feet in a similar way as the seams by causing damages to the skin such as blisters and sore. This is another way to experience the most common associated to feet complication of diabetes.

Diabetic socks are also there to create an environment for the feet in order to improve the circulation of blood. The top of these socks has no binding, which is why there is no additional pressure applied to the area above the ankle and therefore blood vessels can be in the same state as if there are no socks at all. Blood vessels are very sensitive to pressure when they are damaged by the diabetes and therefore even the slightest pressure can cause a lot of problems afterwards. Poor circulation in the feet is the reason for suffering of the feet which is why avoiding it at all costs will ensure that you will have healthy feet to enjoy your life with.

Avoiding infections is one of the most important rules to follow if you want to keep your legs from amputation. Diabetic socks for women and men help reduce the chance of infections because of lowering the irritation of the feet and the moisture that can occur when you are wearing shoes all of the time. Moisture areas are the perfect location for the development of bacteria which is why you need to avoid wearing socks that cannot prevent your feet from sweating and keeping moisture. Diabetic socks prevent the forming of blisters, sores and other skin damages and reduce the moisture of your feet, which makes it impossible for bacteria to enter any wounds and affected areas with necrosis due to the poor circulation and low blood stream in the tissues.

Diabetic socks can significantly help your state and help you avoid all of the complications of diabetes associated with feet. Amputation can be quite difficult to get used to and it will change your whole life, which is why avoiding it at all costs is the only option you have. Proper feet care will help you do that if you decide to combine it with the help of diabetic socks for women and men. Keep that in mind as you are searching for ways to provide proper care to your feet once you have been diagnosed with diabetes.