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Why Diabetic Socks are better than Normal Socks for Patients with Diabetes

diabetic shoes and Diabetic Socks are better than Normal Socks

diabetic shoes and Diabetic Socks are better than Normal SocksThe diagnosis of diabetes is never easy, especially if you are a small child. Even if you are a grown up and you have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2, it still takes a lot of time to get used to this, because it is a chronic disease requiring daily intake of pills or insulin injections depending on how much insulin is still being produced by the pancreas. Fortunately, this is not a deadly condition. There is a treatment even though it is not a permanent one. You will need to take the treatment until the rest of your life, but it ensures that you can continue living for many years ahead if you take proper care of yourself and follow your treatment program. In this article we are explaining why diabetic socks are better than normal socks.

Specialists recommend that you need to take proper feet care every day if you want to avoid getting infections, necrosis and amputation. There are many things that you need to do every day in order to ensure that your feet are well-cared for. For example, you need to wash them every day gently without rubbing the skin, check for any ulcers, sores and other similar damages on the skin, cutting your toe nails regularly because ingrown toe nails can cause a lot of wounds and open doors for infections, and more. There are two products that you need to choose in order to assure your feet are well taken care of and these products are buying diabetic socks and diabetic boots. There are many things that make diabetic socks better than normal socks. If you are wondering whether or not you should choose diabetic socks over the normal ones, here are several important facts you should know about the diabetic socks and why they are the better option for your feet when you have diabetes.

One of the reasons why diabetic socks are better than normal socks is their elasticity. Normal socks have an elastic binding on their tops. This is made with the goal of keeping the socks straight on the legs without falling off. However, this is not healthy for the diabetic feet mainly because having an elastic binding above the ankle is one of the reasons for making the circulation in the feet even poorer. This only makes it worse for the tissues to get oxygen and nutrition and these needs increase when there is physical activity, which is why you could easily get necrosis and wounds if you are not careful. Of course, you should not think that diabetic socks will fall off your feet because they have no elastic bindings on the top. They are manufactured with materials that make it possible to easily put them on without worrying of falling off.

Diabetic socks also have no seams. Normal socks have seams and this is very dangerous for the skin of your feet. The reason why diabetic socks are seamless is because these seams can rub against the skin when you are walking or running, resulting in damaging the surface of the skin and forming different ulcers, blisters, and so on. This is very dangerous for a diabetic person and if you notice any damages to the skin, then you need to immediately start taking care of the wounds because necrosis and infection are on the way. Diabetic socks ensure that the materials they are made of have no seams and nothing is rubbing roughly against the skin on your feet. By wearing diabetic instead of normal socks, you make certain your feet are protected from blisters, sores, ulcers, and so on.

Diabetic socks are also better mainly because they are made out of materials that never wrinkle. Wrinkles are also known to act such as seams and damage the skin. Wrinkles are also the reason why additional pressure is put on the skin and the tissues underneath. The blood vessels are being pressured as well which is why you can be certain your tissues are getting less nutrition and oxygen than they need. The more they suffer, the higher the chance is of the cells dying and necrosis to form. Avoid wearing normal socks because they are easily wrinkled and put additional pressure on your feet which can be quite dangerous in the long term.

Feet also known to sweat quite easily and because of it moisture is formed. Moisture is great for bacteria and their development which is why even the smallest wound on your feet together with the moisture and the bacteria can be the reason for infections and even amputation. Once the wound is infected it becomes even more difficult to heal it and takes weeks sometimes even months for it to heal with antibiotics and other medications. Your body is already damaged by the diabetes and it does not need any more medications due to the unnecessary wounds and infections.

Sweating and pressure on the toes are also avoided by wearing diabetic socks. Having additional space around the toes when you are wearing diabetic socks is essential for the well-being of your toes and avoiding any wounds, bacteria and additional damages. Cushion is also provided which is very important in case of any scrapes or bumps.

Diabetic socks are the perfect solution for people who are having diabetes and want to take proper care of their feet. You can easily purchase diabetic socks from your local stores or from the Internet. There are many online stores offering great varieties of diabetic socks that can be delivered worldwide without any problems. Of course, you may need to pay for delivery, even though some companies offer free delivery for all purchases. It does not take long to choose the right diabetic socks mainly because they are offered in many different designs that can fit every trend preference. Sizes are also differing making it perfect for every person. There is nothing to worry about if you decide to get yourself diabetic socks and wear them every day.