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How to Take Proper Care of Your Feet with Diabetes

care for feet with diabetes

care for feet with diabetesDiabetes is a condition which is known to be quite common and the percentage of people affected with diabetes is increasing every single day. Unfortunately, there is still no permanent solution to the condition which allows people to live a normal healthy life without any diseases. The main treatment methods include the intake of medicine under the form of pills that reduce the glucose or increase the secretion of insulin from the pancreas, and injections of insulin that need to be applied every single day more than once. This can bring a lot of changes to your life which can be quite difficult to adjust to. In addition to the treatment that is officially needed in order to stay alive, there are also many other measures that you need to take in order to keep your body functioning properly and not suffer many of the diabetic complications. It is important to to take care of your feet with diabetes.

Diabetic complications can affect every single part of your body. However, your feet are very prone to these complications due to the damages that the blood vessels experience due to the high levels of glucose. These damages make it difficult for the proper nurturing of the tissues in the feet and due to the pressure that feet experience during physical activity or even standing for a long time, the tissues are very prone to getting damages that are easily infected. The immune system is also not properly functioning which is why fighting the infections is difficult for the organism on its own. The sensitivity of the feet is also lowered due to the decreased amount of oxygen and nutrition that reach the nerve endings. It is called diabetic neuropathy and it is the reason why many diabetic people cannot properly feel their feet after some time of being diagnosed. This can lead to a lot of complications such as getting a lot of blisters and other wounds on the feet, that can easily infect and the infection can easily spread to the rest of the body. Amputation due to necrosis in the feet is also a very common complication and many people are experiencing it if they are not properly taking care of their feet. If you want to avoid these complications you are highly recommended to follow several very important safety measures that will help you keep your feet healthy and avoid amputation.

One of the most important things you need to do is check your feet every single day. Due to the neuropathy you will be completely unable to simply rely on your sensation of your feet. Your skin and tissues are easily damaged due to the lowered blood stream to these tissues and therefore you can easily get a lot of skin damages that open a door to a lot of infections caused by bacteria. You need to check your feet every day and make certain that you look at every possible place on your feet. This includes searching for wounds even between your toes. The area around your nails is also very vulnerable and you need to take proper care of it.

Another very important thing is to wear comfortable shoes that will provide all of the care your feet need. You are highly recommended to get the best diabetic shoes online that you can find. The best diabetic shoes online are perfect for people who still have healthy feet and those who already experience some of the diabetic complications common for patients of long term diabetes. Choosing the best diabetic shoes online is not difficult because there are many online stores specializing in offering such products for the proper foot care of diabetic patients. You are highly recommended to consult with your doctor before you purchase any diabetic related products because a specialist should always be the person who should be listened to when it comes to your health. The reason to consult with your doctor is the fact that you could get specific diabetic shoes recommended and you will know that they are of high quality and can be trusted to provide the care your feet need. You may find a lot of diabetic shoes offered on the Internet but you need to make certain that they are high quality and provided by stores that can be trusted and have a lot of positive reviews from previous customers. This is the only way you can be certain that the diabetic shoes you buy will be actually different than any other normal pair of shoes and will be able to provide the care for your feet.

In addition to buying the best diabetic shoes online, you need to also buy diabetic socks. They are a lot different than the normal socks which you can find in the local stores for underwear. Diabetic socks are carefully manufactured with the idea of providing the additional space your feet need, as well as the proper surface which will not rub against your skin, causing damages such as blisters, sores, and so on. Diabetic socks can be purchased together with the best diabetic shoes online and you can get them delivered to your doorstep within one day or sometimes more if you are purchasing from a distanced shop.

Washing your feet every single day before you have checked them is also highly recommended for proper feet care. You need to wash them with the proper products that have antibacterial properties in order to decrease the chances of any infections. When you are washing them you need to make certain that you are not rubbing the skin too roughly, because you will certainly damage it if you do so. The water should not be too hot because this will increase the damages to your blood vessels and therefore decrease the arterial blood flow to the tissues in your feet. Cold water has the same effect on your feet and it should also be avoided.

If you keep these tips and follow them you will enjoy healthy feet.